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Major Milestones in life include weddings. anniversaries, the birth of a new baby, baptism, confirmation

the blessing of a new house, communion intention and ordination.


New Baby                                     Baby Baptism                   Baptism                       First Communion 


371     Blank Inside                658 Welcome to the              201   God Bless you           575  May you know the

                                              newest Child of God,                                                       Lord Jesus in the breaking

                                              Member of Christ, and                                                     of the bread at your First                    

                                              Heir to the Kingdom                                                         Communion and always.

                                              of God.




Confirmation                                         Confirmation                          House Blessing


108  May the blessings of                    131   May the blessings              113  God bless you, His

your Confirmation remain                     of your Confirmation                  love enfold all who come

 with you all your life.                            remain with you all your life.      withing these walls.  



Ordination                                                   Ordination                        



  489  As you serve others in                     367 You have not chosen

         Jesus' Name, may you                       Me, but I have chosen you

         serve in His joy.                                 and ordained you a priest                                                           

         'Therefore, Father,                            forever.     

         throughyour Son, give

         your Holy Spirit..."




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